Many products in the world have not yet landed in Japan and are excellent in high quality, high performance, and design.
Introducing products to more Japanese markets while preserving the brand image that overseas manufacturers value.
That is our mission.
We will strive to serve you as “The bridge between Japan and the world”.

What we do

Import Agency

We discover and introduce high quality, high performance, and well-designed products from around the world in Japan.

We also provide support for foreign companies interested in entering the Japanese market.

Marketing Support

We utilize Japanese crowdfunding to introduce the products of many overseas manufacturers to the Japanese market.
Crowdfunding has a great promotion effect, so it is also very effective as test marketing.
It is also very effective for branding and media development, so you can enhance the originality of the product.

Sales channels

We can help you expand your sales channels by making the most of our connections, such as expanding your sales channels to Japan's largest exhibitions, wholesaling to major Japanese department stores and mass merchandisers, and selling online at Japan's largest e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo.

Company Profile

Our business focuses on identifying environmentally friendly, high quality, high performance, and Products with excellent design and promoting them to Japanese consumers. 

We are applying our branding strategies to each product that we have found around the world, and making our best effort to market those products through our broad distribution channels in Japan. 

We always consider if those products will add color to your lives and makes you smile, and if we can continue to sell them with a passion.
We would like to make everyone involved with us smile and build long term relationships.
We will strive to serve you as a “bridge between Japan and the world.”

Our Team

In 2021, we signed a partnership agreement with Mr. Hideaki Otake of Ubiken Co.
He has experience in more than 500 crowdfunding projects and has achieved a total support of more than 1 billion yen.
We will support your Japanese market development as a strong team with him.